Tuesday, June 28, 2016

chicago marathon training 2016: week 5

Week 5 of Chicago Marathon Training
Monday, June 13: Strength Train (week 8 - the final week of the program!)
Tuesday, June 14: 6 miles (40/30 and 30/30) CP; 1:23:03, 13:50 avg pace
Wednesday, June 15: Strength Train
Thursday, June 16: 6 miles (40/30) CP; 1:20:39 , 13:26 avg pace
Friday, June 17: Rest/Stretch/Roll
Saturday, June 18: 14 miles (30/30) CP; 3:21:51, 14:25 avg pace
Sunday, June 19: Rest

Week Total Mileage: 26

Marathon Training Mileage: 140.67
YTD: 566.99

I could not believe it was already the last week of my strength training program! I'll be starting it over again next week, and adjusting exercises to either be more advanced form, or upping the weight size. I'll definitely be focusing on the form, to make sure I am doing everything properly and hoping to get even more strength. Nothing has been coming easy to me yet, so figured another round without too much change would be a good idea before going too crazy with advanced forms ;)

I am definitely noticing a difference in my running and how my body feels during/after runs, and the strength training has significantly helped. I'm so glad I got wise and started up a program. I'm really happy with the one I chose too – it doesn't take too much of your time each week, but significantly helps your core and other major muscles that have to do with the runner's body and helping to prevent injury. 

I woke up early to do my run on Tuesday. I honestly turned off the alarm and thought about going back to sleep and just running when I got home from work. I decided to check the weather, and with thunderstorms in the evening, it was enough to get my butt out of bed. I didn't want to run on the treadmill using the intervals scheduled—such a pain to keep switching speeds on there so often/quickly. The run went nicely, with a 13:35 average pace. It was about 68 degrees out with 70% humidity and was partly cloudy. It was probably my most consistent pacing throughout the miles than I've had... ever. 13:34, 13:43, 13:32, 13:25, 13:42, and 13:41.

I managed to get up early again on Thursday for my 6 miles. I was quite impressed with myself haha. I'm much more of a lunch or evening runner, but with the hotter temps it's important to get my runs in before it's too miserable out. I didn't sleep great, and the first two miles felt tired. I got into a groove eventually, and the 6 miles felt fine dong 40/30 intervals throughout. 13:44, 13:27, 13:19, 13:21, 13:09, 13:36 for an average pace of 13:26. 

I'm starting to see improvements in my speed (or lack therefore), which is nice. It's always a great feeling to see in the data that the hard work is paying off.

For my 14 miler I hit up the trails. I did a 9.5 mile loop, and it felt pretty good. At that point I stopped to fill up my bottle and wash my face down with water I had in the car. It was getting pretty warm out by this point and when I looked at the temps they were in the 80s. On the final 4.5 miles, I was mostly in the sun and I started to crash around mile 10. I took longer walk breaks, usually about a minute, so was doing 30/30 the first 12 miles and then it was more like 30/60. My legs were feeling good, but my body was struggling with the heat. I think a majority of the final mile was walking. 

The trails are more hilly, so it definitely shows in my pace. I ended with a 14:25 average pace, which I was disappointed in until I realized it's about a minute faster than I was doing last year around this time on my long runs on the same trails, so I'm getting faster and stronger. My legs are getting used to more miles, which is good. Mile splits: 14:07, 14:22, 14:19, 13:16, 13:41, 14:34, 14:28, 14:00, 14:16, 14:18, 15:02, 14:43, 14:48, 15:56.

Overall, I'm very happy with how training is going so far. I'm super happy to be working with Sweat Tracker, because there is no way I'd be able to figure out a proper training plan myself, or know how to even big transitioning into different run/walk intervals.

How's your training going?

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